OPNsense 16.7 released

Franco Fichtner franco at opnsense.org
Thu Jul 28 10:05:53 CEST 2016

Welcome everyone,

It is time for the next major iteration in open-source security!  After
6 months and 20 minor releases we hereby declare the general availability
of OPNsense 16.7, nick-named "Dancing Dolphin".  The highlights of this
major release include:

o Suricata 3.1.1 with Intel Hyperscan support
o NetFlow-based reporting and export
o Traffic shaping using CoDel / FQ-CoDel
o Two-factor authentication based on RFC 6238 (TOTP)
o HTTPS and ICAP support in the proxy server
o FreeBSD 10.3 with full integration of HardenedBSD ASLR
o UEFI boot and installation modes
o Substantial updates to our language packs: Japanese,
  Russian, German, French, Chinese

We thank all contributors, testers and users for their relentless support
and invaluable feedback.  The release candidate phase has been the most
fun we have had so far.  :)

Attention: An incompatibility in Chrome may prevent the firmware update
from running.  Try a different browser to upgrade to 16.7 where a
workaround has been added to avoid the problem in the future.

All images can be found on the mirrors below with checksums attached to
the end of this announcement:


Please stay in touch, tell us what you think about OPNsense and how we can
improve it further!  You can find us in any of these popular locations:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/opnsense
Forum: https://forum.opnsense.org/
GitHub: https://github.com/opnsense
IRC: Freenode #OPNsense

Lastly, here are the full changes since 16.7-RC2:

o installer: fix UI glitch with overlong disk name selections
o installer: warn on low RAM as install phase can fail
o ports: suricata 3.1.1[1], php 5.6.24[2]
o system: Etc/UTC is now the default time zone
o system: prevent user from deleting itself
o interfaces: register groups in the system immediately
o firmware: add subscription option for private repositories[3]
o firmware: work around API POST problem on Chrome by deleting
  css source map pointer
o firewall: allow cron to set arbitrary syslog times for alias updates
o proxy: add syslog target for access_log
o reporting: can now individually flush health reports
o reporting: can now flush insight and NetFlow data
o reporting: translate interface names on health page
o reporting: shut down insight service on backup to
  prevent database corruption
o lang: Russian is now 97% completed (contributed by Smart-Soft Ltd.)
o lang: minor updates in all other languages

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team

[1] https://suricata-ids.org/2016/07/13/suricata-3-1-1-released/
[2] http://php.net/ChangeLog-5.php#5.6.24
[3] https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=3408.0

# SHA256 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-cdrom-amd64.iso.bz2) = 3808ebf4519beef9122f32b2919c9fad337efd4971529621c6d4a7eede7433db
# SHA256 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-nano-amd64.img.bz2) = 48e70fc263efeb27c8d8ac0f6e3284505833977f3ba2dfe200d83109cd0ce511
# SHA256 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-serial-amd64.img.bz2) = 2346cb43389600f544505c48b4fc8c1648e74eae457f97ca6ae613c6b4ca8482
# SHA256 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-vga-amd64.img.bz2) = 0c93d516a33b0a33fb9f98e7709d3270d472fa96136611751bcbf795c399a95a
# SHA256 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-cdrom-i386.iso.bz2) = 9a1e7c13c9ed70fdc758781048ef8806c44e375bfeb1c7b788602e38b9d635cf
# SHA256 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-nano-i386.img.bz2) = 3a6c47927c3005714eddeadcab21a5833394e09cd3516e576a61d5f257b8fdc4
# SHA256 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-serial-i386.img.bz2) = b193c21dec852aaf90d1172c7d41ac63e403ff6c832a10217daea03d2d1725b0
# SHA256 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-vga-i386.img.bz2) = 086cc24ca8eed27e504cdc1b48e15f8bf5640304f3f8874938d0973b72a47b9a

# MD5 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-cdrom-amd64.iso.bz2) = 96a11a6892bde8b1d10a45b39f2fa47e
# MD5 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-nano-amd64.img.bz2) = 21e94d5ebf3fba92d71ff5a3074f0f29
# MD5 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-serial-amd64.img.bz2) = bcaa7d4cf5a9bb29bc7fa32a8fcfb2b7
# MD5 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-vga-amd64.img.bz2) = 8149bad48d1825cbb8641d9d1f4f1bc3
# MD5 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-cdrom-i386.iso.bz2) = f7136f20169b746e95ffdd867ee40ce3
# MD5 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-nano-i386.img.bz2) = a9c9fe086b015bf13fa32d201940b80f
# MD5 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-serial-i386.img.bz2) = fc5c6e39b2c2017290f67a12605e9924
# MD5 (OPNsense-16.7-OpenSSL-vga-i386.img.bz2) = 292ef2aaa10853264cc8045c857b4e67

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