OPNsense released

Franco Fichtner franco at opnsense.org
Thu Apr 16 13:47:58 CEST 2015

Dear all,

today we present you a quiet stable update with a
hand full of assorted features, tweaks and bug fixes.
Most notably, we’ve integrated DNS filtering via
OpenDNS and tested / reworked the IPSec reporting.

As war as we know there have been no security-related
fixes of bundled third-party software since 15.1.9.

Update through the GUI via "System: Firmware" or the
root console option "12) Upgrade from console". A
reboot is not strictly required, but recommended to
trigger the automatic enable of soft updates and
TRIM (if applicable to your disk).

Here is the full change log of

o firmware: show a warning on pending system updates
  that need to be executed from the console
o system: "General Setup" and "Advanced" items have
  been merged into "Settings"
o system: "Certificate Manager" is now known as
  "Certificates", default tab changed as well
o services: introduce OpenDNS-based DNS filtering
o services: fixed start button layout when service
  is offline
o ports: fixed StrongSwan SMP socket bind on FreeBSD
o ipsec: brought back tunnel status reporting
o ipsec: fixed "Do not install LAN SPD" setting
o user manager: fixed group permission and privilege
  read bugs
o wake on lan: fixed "Cannot create references to/from
  string offsets nor overloaded objects" error
o openvpn: fixed server restart regression
o core: automatically enable TRIM on boot if available

The update is not available via install media, but you
can just as well download 15.1.9 from a mirror and
upgrade with a few simple clicks:


Stay safe out there,
Your OPNsense team

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