New images based on 15.7.18

Franco Fichtner franco at
Tue Nov 10 08:56:40 CET 2015

Dear followers and friends,

We're releasing new images!  It's nothing special as we recommend the weekly
online updates, but in case you don't want to go through the trouble of
installing something older than it should be, the new 15.7.18 images are
for you.

People sometimes wonder why we don't provide images all the time.  The answer
is it's time consuming to test images and roll a release out amounting to
about a full day of work given that everything works out and we don't have to
go through another rebuild cycle.  We simply can't do this for every week's
update without full test coverage.  Then again, this idiosyncrasy directly
translates to more code fixes, faster releases and quicker response time,
something that we can all agree on, right?

You can find the latest release announcement here:

The checksums are attached below and you can obtain the images from any of
our mirrors listed here:

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team
SHA256 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-cdrom-amd64.iso.bz2) = f193e04ce0f0d2b1eab54b246f5b4931cdd50ed0a97015a363e8ece24449825d
SHA256 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-nano-amd64.img.bz2) = f1cfa7ff9f2fe30361f92773aa6fe416ac5bb3e27bd98c1b470f32ceea9ee4eb
SHA256 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-serial-amd64.img.bz2) = e95698fac21e8bef7ac8c8e66406fcbece583a32db325da19be810d33a714147
SHA256 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-vga-amd64.img.bz2) = 3cc366d5e48f74bba5a07466cbaa2808d98fba422814d3cafbbffb5e2847c888

SHA256 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-cdrom-i386.iso.bz2) = 57229a3873d6020979e8ebb1dff1c97b14166afff7da6d5ca7e5b32a17e40207
SHA256 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-nano-i386.img.bz2) = e89464b51c52c02a9d1a15d168190f23b7d72030be5b31db4bd5a78cfa0a108f
SHA256 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-serial-i386.img.bz2) = 0eb92ffcbe6d4152b79e89e71984b5a3d00cf0e2e0946868331fd93a506cf54c
SHA256 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-vga-i386.img.bz2) = 284157e596dd77551ce6ce4e5b661614273abcfaa590f6d4553903172332f370

MD5 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-cdrom-amd64.iso.bz2) = 7718af5a632a426c7e3832e4cf6e7f91
MD5 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-nano-amd64.img.bz2) = 88018ba7ec8c6e6906054a03106020c6
MD5 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-serial-amd64.img.bz2) = 50879c1a12ca65b95ebd5a77eea389e5
MD5 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-vga-amd64.img.bz2) = 764c8a9c42b13cdfc73d1025e9795901

MD5 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-cdrom-i386.iso.bz2) = ce115445d922883c1e57457503b7d044
MD5 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-nano-i386.img.bz2) = 947d4955775295f09ef849b8ac7757a6
MD5 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-serial-i386.img.bz2) = 4b7affd7c051e15171ef2ee4869739b6
MD5 (OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-vga-i386.img.bz2) = 59b796e2a2a68cb699bb67b79f08c808

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