OPNsense 15.7.21 released

Franco Fichtner franco at opnsense.org
Fri Dec 4 18:11:43 CET 2015

Hello everyone,

Back in September we've started out to work on the excessive GUI padding
and dispersed menu structure in order to get to a slick and clean page
layout.  We've transformed tab navigation into submenu items, pulling
similar items together into one single category, adding distinctive icons
as a highlight and anchor point.  We've come to like it so much that we
can't wait for 16.1 to merge it in so here it is for everyone to enjoy.
Work in this area will continue in tiny pieces as we go along.  Send us
feedback, let us know what we can push even further.

15.7.21 brings updates to some of the most important ports and RRD frontend
pages have been completely removed.  Unfortunately, we couldn't squeeze in
OpenSSL and LibreSSL at this point, but will follow up as soon as both of
them are available. Here are the full patch notes:

o ports: phalcon 2.0.9 [1]
o ports: php 5.6.16 [2]
o ports: suricata 2.0.10 [3]
o ports: openldap 2.4.43 [4]
o ports: strongswan 5.3.5 [5]
o menu: removed tab navigation in favour of submenu items
o menu: removed the status and diagnostics from the top menu
o menu: made the menu smaller and added distinctive icons
o menu: order interfaces by their descriptive name
o layout: removed several paddings and spurious boarders
o rrd: removed the graphing frontend to complete our switch to System Health
o rrd: moved remaining settings to System: Settings: Logs / Reporting
o logs: can now narrow search using individual keywords separated by whitespace
o logs: added a raw firewall view as a default page instead of having a setting for it
o logs: ppp log messages won't show up in the system messages anymore
o universal plug and play: reworked settings page for clarity
o gateways/routes/users: reworked all pages for clarity
o settings: reworked admin access and general section for clarity
o settings: password authentication and permit root login settings changes did not trigger an immediate sshd restart
o ipsec: remove use of reqid in config
o ipsec: fix ESP/AH options on multiple phase2 entries
o ipsec: fix algorithm selection in phase1 and phase2
o ipsec: properly handle status error when ipsec is not enabled
o ipsec: subnet selection can now extend beyond 24 bits
o ipsec: make NAT type configurable for phase2 (Contributed by Frank Wall)
o layout: updated to jQuery Bootgrid v1.3.1
o language: many translations added (Contributed by Frédéric Lietart and Fabian Franz)
o config: improve the session handling to ensure a responsive GUI
o ntp: gps settings now work with translations and properly reselect the configured device

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team
[1] https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/releases/tag/phalcon-v2.0.9
[2] http://php.net/ChangeLog-5.php#5.6.16
[3] http://suricata-ids.org/2015/11/25/suricata-2-0-10-available/
[4] http://www.openldap.org/software/release/changes.html
[5] https://www.strongswan.org/blog/2015/11/26/strongswan-5.3.5-released.html

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